France’s Supreme Court Rules Against State in Calais Court Case

The ruling today (Monday 31st July 2017) in France’s Conseil d’Etat rejected the appeals by the French authorities and reinstated the state’s obligation to install water points, toilets, showers, daily outreach for minors and departures to accommodation centres from Calais.

“Inhumane treatment”

The courts ruled: “the living conditions of migrants reveal a lack of action on the part of public authorities, which can be said to expose the persons concerned to inhumane or degrading treatment and therefore constitutes a serious and unlawful breach of fundamental rights.”

We’re delighted the appeal was defeated. Together with all our partner organisations, we will be working in Calais every day to make sure local authorities adhere to the ruling, and start providing services every human deserves.

Still, no provision will be made for the distribution of aid from the state. Help Refugees and our partners L’Auberge des Migrants, Refugee Community Kitchen and Utopia56  Please help us support the 600-700 refugees in Calais still in need of aid by donating to our fundraiser for the region here.

You can find out more about Help Refugees’ work in Calais here.