Support refugees in Northern France

Thank you for considering volunteering in Calais!

We are changing the way we operate in Northern France. Instead of both funding and delivering services, some of Help Refugees’ work is now carried out by our partner organisations, enabled by funding from us. We are still present in Northern France, working collaboratively with existing partners – who now run the warehouse and coordinate volunteers themselves – instead.


If you would still like to volunteer with our amazing partners, you can sign up below and we will refer you to them depending on your availability. Whether you can give two days, two weeks or two months, they need your help! They are especially looking for long-term volunteers who can come out for three months or more.


Please note that the ever-changing situation on the ground means it is not possible for us to accept volunteers applying to start more than 4 months in advance.


If you have any questions, please contact calaisvolunteers@helprefugees.org.

Please sign up below – thank you so much. 


Help Refugees Calais volunteers sign up


A vital part of the volunteer response in Northern France is food provision. If you’d like to join our amazing partners, Refugee Community Kitchen, and prepare nutritious daily meals for people in Calais and Dunkirk, please head to their website here and register your interest!

The Calais needs list

Find out which items are most needed in Calais so that you know what to bring when you come to volunteer. More