Help us directly support more than 1,000 refugees in Northern France

Help Refugees runs the biggest aid operation in northern France, and we’re run by volunteers. If you can spare the time, we need you!

Since summer 2015, over 12,000 volunteers have been part of this: doing the work of a big NGO but with a fraction of the budget.

We work alongside our partners L’Auberge des Migrants, Refugee Youth Service, Refugee Community Kitchen, Utopia56 and Refugee Info Bus, Refugee Women and Children’s Centre and School Bus Project.

Despite the eviction of the Calais ‘Jungle’ in October 2016 and the Dunkirk/Grande Synthe camp burning down in April 2017, there are still around 1,500 refugees sleeping rough in the forests in northern France.

We provide blankets, clothes, food and water, Wifi and women and children’s services. To do this, we need enthusiastic volunteers every day to help in our warehouse and keep our operations going.

If you have any questions about volunteering in Calais, please see our volunteer FAQs.

If you would like to volunteer with Help Refugees in Calais, please fill in this form to register! PLEASE NOTE: We are currently over-subscribed for June and July. Please consider volunteering in August instead.

If you’re coming to volunteer, please make sure you read our Code of Conduct.

We’re recruiting!

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Our work in Calais

Find out more about the kind of work you could be helping us with in Calais, from the warehouse to Refugee Youth Service. More

The Calais needs list

Find out which items are most needed in Calais so that you know what to bring when you come to volunteer. More