Support refugees in Northern France

Thank you so much for caring and looking to volunteer at such an uncertain time!


We’re currently not accepting volunteer applications as we assess the safest options to be continuing our projects and helping people who need it most. We recognise our responsibility to protect both the communities that we support, and our volunteers and are doing everything in our power to support public health responses.


Our work right now is continuing to support the volunteer teams on the ground who are delivering vital services, as well as contingency planning for the uncertainties ahead.


If you are interested in volunteering, we recommend giving your time to local voluntary groups that are assisting in community resilience (350+ set up in the UK already!). Grassroots groups of normal people, springing up in the spirit of shared humanity in times of need is what we’re all about. It’s where we started and it’s in our DNA so we fully support all the amazing community solidarity that’s being shown. We have learnt so much about helping in the last 5 years and would urge everyone getting involved in community groups to prioritise safeguarding in all actions and read up on Do No Harm principles – unfortunately, beautiful intentions aren’t always enough to prevent harm or complicating already complicated situations – we’ve found; best practice trainings, cooperation and coordination, and safeguarding to be so important.


If you’re able to support the volunteers who are working on our projects from Calais to the Greek Islands to Lebanon, please consider donating – no amount is too small. The displaced people and refugee communities that we’re supporting are already in incredibly vulnerable situations, and our volunteer partner organisations are often their only support. If you can, please help us keep funding their vital work.

The Calais needs list

Find out which items are most needed in Calais so that you know what to bring when you come to volunteer. More